\ \ [15] In medieval Latin a statiōnārius was originally a ‘trader who kept a permanent stall’ (as opposed to an itinerant seller). The word was derived from Latin statiōstanding, keeping still’ (source of English station), which in the post-classical meaning evolved in meaning to ‘shop’. Such permanent shops were comparatively rare in the Middle Ages. Of those that did exist, the commonest were bookshops, licensed by the universities, and so when English adopted the Latin term, it was used in the sense ‘bookseller’. It has since come down in the world somewhat to ‘seller of paper, pens, etc’ (a sense first recorded in the mid 17th century), but the earlier application is preserved in the name of the Stationers’ Company, a London livery company to which booksellers and publishers belong. The derivative stationery dates from the 18th century.

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