• 1Rip van Winkle: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow&Other Stories , Washington Irving (2009)
    Rip van Winkle is an amiable man whose home and farm suffer from his lazy neglect; a familiar figure about the village, he is loved by all except his wife. One autumn day he escapes her nagging to… 223 руб

  • 2Browning as a Philosophical and Religious Teacher , Henry Jones (1899)
    1899. The purpose of this book is to deal with Browning, not simply as a poet, but rather as the exponent of a system of ideas on moral and religious subjects, which may fairly be called a… 1315 руб

  • 3Heroes Of The Telegraph , John Munro (1891)
    Similarly the telegraph is not to be regarded as the work of any one mind, but of many, and during a long course of years. Because at length the final seedling is obtained, are we to overlook the… 1311 руб

  • 4The Swerve , Greenblatt Stephen (2011)
    One of the world's most celebrated scholars, Stephen Greenblatt has crafted both an innovative work of history and a thrilling story of discovery, in which one manuscript, plucked from a thousand… 1667 руб

  • 5De Profundis, The Ballad of Reading Gaol,&Other , Wilde Oscar (2002)
    "De Profundis" is Oscar Wilde`s eloquent and bitter reproach from prison to his lover, Lord Alfred Douglas (`Basic`). In an extended letter Wilde accuses Lord Alfred of selfishness, shallowness… 318 руб

  • 6David Copperfield , Charles Dickens (2009)
    Life is full of changes for young David Coppeifield. How will he react to the cruelty, the neglect and loss he experiences as a boy, and will he ever find the love and security he is looking for 561 руб

  • 7John and George: The Dog Who Changed My Life , John Dolan (2014)
    This is the incredible true story of how one man turned his life around through the companionship of his best friend. For years, John Dolan had been living rough, trying his best to get by. Born and… 862 руб

  • 8Jo's Boys and How They Turned Out , Louisa M. Alcott (1886)
    1886 год. Лейпциг, издательство Bernhard Tauchnitz. Сохранность хорошая. Having been written at long intervals during the past seven years, this story is more… 2660 руб

  • 9The Creeps , John Connolly (2014)
    Samuel Johnson is not in a happy place. He is dating the wrong girl, demons are occupying his spare room, and the town in which he lives appears to be cursed. But there is some good news on the… 316.2 руб

  • 10Psychiatry , Burns Tom (2006)
    Psychiatry is now a highly visible activity - care in the community, compulsion, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse mean that few people are not touched by it. Indeed one in four of us will consult a… 495 руб